About BKT

Bharat Ki Taxi (BKT) – An innovative Electric mobility initiative by Mint Mobility Pvt Ltd for daily commute. BKT is a reflection of growing aspirations of India’s environment conscious citizens. India is growing at a rapid pace and it needs every bit from us to achieve its dreams. BKT is an innovative idea through which it wishes to contribute its part in India’s growth story by decreasing the carbon footprint. Thus, BKT requests India to switch to Electric Vehicles - You can do it by booking E-Rickshaw using our app for your daily commute.

Why Bharat Ki Taxi..

  • BKT APP lets you book E- Rick at the click of a button.
  • Pocket friendly short distance commutes
  • Safe and convenient for door to door travel
  • Go easy share option or easy Hire option
  • Eco-Friendly rides, as a passenger you know your bit of contribution in decreasing nation’s carbon footprint

Come join us, let BKT help India transform itself in to a Eco friendly nation


To Introduce E-Rickshaws for last mile connectivity for Metro commuters Serve commuters using BKT Mobile app for seamless booking of the E-Rick Provide livelihood to drivers through BKT platform.


To be reckoned as a lead service provider for on- Demand affordable transport services through EV fleet.


To Provide Green Mobility services to large commuter base and contribute to the green Footprint in the country.